Published by Billy M. on June , 08 2020
Michael truly made a difference in the temperament of a negotiation, during these uncertain times Michael assisted me in a tight spot.
Published by J D. on May , 29 2020
I worked with Michael and his staff for several months on some complicated legal and business issues. I found their service to be very thoughtful, organized and flexible. The results were much, much better than what I had anticipated. I had thoroughly researched several other firms. There are many "lawyers" out there; but that title does not mean you will be best served in your particular situation. Many will pigeon hole you into a stock course of action. Don't go there. Michael is a real pro with plenty of experience and know how. He will guide you in the best course of action for you and or your business. Highly recommended.
Published by DeeDee W. on April , 08 2020
I am writing this review to tell you that your search is over if you need an attorney for Chapter 7 or 13. Michael O' Brien and his staff are amazing. They are thorough and fair. They tell you straight from the beginning the process, the cost and reassure you that you have someone watching your back. This firm saved our house, referred us to some great counselors for credit management and always kept communication lines open. Please look no further. You will not be disappointed. Please call. Thank you Mike and Hugo!!! DeeDee
Published by Diane C. on September , 30 2019
After listening to, & hiring other attorneys in the Portland, Oregon area, none of whom did my case of settling my mortgage case ANY good after the 2007/2008 crash, I finally was referred to Michael O'Brien. What a Godsend! I simply cannot say enough about him. I found him to be extremely thorough, professional, leaving no stone unturned, and finally my case was settled to my satisfaction. To this day I cannot believe it. You will not find a better, more steadfast attorney than Mike O'Brien. He's easy to work with, very courteous, kind, informative. My family and I are forever grateful that he stayed the course, and never gave up, ever. As complex as the situation was, he streamlined everything for me and made it seem simple to follow, whereas other attorneys left me feeling emotionally & financially drained, and nothing was accomplished by comparison. It's like he saw the goal, & that was it. He made me feel like it was subtle teamwork too, which was GOOD. So great getting to know him. HIGHLY Recommend!
Published by Andi Vial Blumenthal on April , 01 2019
I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. When I came in for my consultation, I was at the lowest point of my life. I feeling very scared about my future ahead and had a lot of shame about considering filing for bankruptcy. From the beginning, I was impressed at the level of care and empathy that was shown to me by everyone at the firm that interacted with. I am forever grateful for this firm. Lauren was always available to answer my questions. Ted especially was an amazing advocate for me and always made sure that I had access to all my of options and was able to make informed decisions. I never thought I would ever have so much trust in an attorney and always felt like he had my best interest at heart. Six months after my initial consultation, I feel confident that I made the right choice for myself and am able to move ahead in this new chapter of my life. I have this firm to thank for that, and have already recommended them to several people I know who are considering filing.